The wind in culture and history


Traditions, history and culture with the wind as the protagonist The wind is a force of nature that has always fascinated human beings, in fact in the traditions and customs of many ancient and modern societies it has often assumed a symbolic and mythological meaning. The wind-related deities were considered responsible for storms and changes in the … Read more

EU, economy and sustainability for climate change


The IPCC Special Report was published in 2019. Its results are extremely alarming and, unfortunately, are confirmed by the subsequent increasingly critical publications on the scenario that is being created. The report depicts a very worrying picture of the consequences of climate change, which would increase by 3.1-3.7°C if current environmental and energy policies were … Read more

The Renewable Energy Communities


The future of electricity generation passes through the development of RECs The war on the borders of Europe has inevitably led to higher energy costs across the continent and consequently to a greater awareness of the importance of the energy issue and the use of renewable energy in our daily life. The impact is so … Read more

Sustainable architecture and green building


Sustainable buildings for a zero-impact future. Environmental sustainability and energy efficiency: these are the real estate market trends for the long-term, since the impact of mankind on the planet’s climate and on the consumption of resources is becoming increasingly heavy over the years. Therefore, more and more we talk about sustainable architecture and green building, … Read more

Winds of war, winds of peace.


After many years, Sting returns to singing “Russians” and we sincerely hope for a new “Wind of Change” for peace, like the Scorpions’ song that anticipated the fall of the Berlin Wall, which soon became the symbolic song of the political change that in the late 1980s led to a thaw between Russia and the … Read more

Electricity production in Europe


From nuclear power to renewable energies, how Europe is preparing for the energy transition Germany shuts down nuclear power plants In Germany, three of the six nuclear power plants were shut down, to follow the line dictated by former German Chancellor Angela Merkel. This plan had been established for a long time, but it underwent … Read more

Movies turbine

Why the wind turbine in the movie Skyscraper won’t work The other night we were watching the adventure thriller Skyscraper on Netflix, and snapped some screen captures of the turbines in the fantasy building which plays a central role in the movie. The fantasy turbines look suspiciously like ours. Enessere spent eight years developing the … Read more

Renewable energies: The difference is to really believe in them


Is the energy transition that simple? Will renewable energies completely supplant fossil fuel energy production? No, it’s not that simple to do. Michael Shellenberger published an article in Forbes magazine where the position of Germany is clarified and analysed, considered by most to be a model and wealthy country. The German state has undertaken in … Read more

In praise of windsongs


Too often we’re consumed in this blog with the pure physics of wind power, the technical side, the statistics of microenergy, the amazing hardware on offer. We hope you’re seduced by the performance, look and feel of our beautiful turbines. But wind is an emotional commodity as well, and if you’re in need of some … Read more

World Environment Day 2021


The restoration of ecosystems On June 5 we celebrate World Environment Day 2021, a day promoted by the United Nations (UN) back in 1792 to raise public opinion and governments’ awareness on environmental issues. Environmental issues are becoming more and more urgent, so this date takes on a symbolic importance for a change, which is … Read more

What is Earth Day


April 22, 1970 is the date of the first Earth Day – the world day of the Earth – one of the most deeply felt events on the theme of sustainability and safeguarding the planet. Indeed, this event brings together millions of people every year in peaceful demonstrations in support of the environment. After more … Read more

Green economy: corporate social responsibility and renewable energies


An economical and sustainable growth is possible only with the commitment of everyone. Social responsibility towards the environment Did you know that 66% of consumers is willing to pay more money for a product if the brand is environmentally friendly? This happens because buying “green products” makes us feel being part of the change, helping … Read more

Wind turbines that employ wood


Sustainable materials for wind energy We found out we’re not the only ones using wood in the wind energy market. At Enessere we use Paulownia wood in the construction of the wings of our micro wind turbine Hercules, but other companies also use wood, an eco-sustainable material, for the construction of wind farms. The Swedish … Read more