Vertical mini wind turbine

Mini wind turbine for the landscape, symbol of peace and community


Renewable energy and environmental sustainability, Enessere installs a mini wind generator at Green Pea in Turin


Accuracy is beauty. Proportions. Harmony of shapes.

The harmony of the ENESSERE wind turbines isn’t accidental but inspired to the golden ratio. This is why we’re well aware of its uniqueness.

The golden ratio, or divine proportion, can be seen in many shapes in nature and is instinctively associated to the concept of beauty and harmony.

ENESSERE built on this idea to create a one-of-a-kind wind turbine.

The wind blades made by ENESSERE are manufactured in a carbon fiber and steel structure and, in their premium version, wings are covered in Paulownia wood. The contrast between metal, carbon and natural materials in the end result is aesthetically pleasing – it’s also the best way to promote the green economy concept: our small wind turbines are totems themselves, sustainability symbols, something unique in the green technologies landscape.

Their shape makes it possible to exploit the wind anywhere it comes from with no need for re-orientation. These are small, 9-meters high wind turbines that perfectly integrate and enhance any environment they’re installed in.

These are proper sustainability icons: the only green technology that does not need to be hidden or camouflaged.

Our turbines are quiet and work best under low wind conditions but are also ready to ensure great performances when strong winds start to pick up.

ENESSERE wind turbines are manufactured in Italy: they’re a source of clean energy, they’re elegant and offer great performances.

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