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PMI The Cube | Neuchâtel | Svizzera

PMI The Cube | Neuchâtel | Svizzera

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The Stylish Design Small Wind Turbine

Accuracy is beauty. Proportions. Harmony of shapes.

The harmony of the ENESSERE wind turbines isn’t accidental but inspired to the golden ratio. This is why we’re well aware of its uniqueness.

The golden ratio, or divine proportion, can be seen in many shapes in nature and is instinctively associated to the concept of beauty and harmony.

ENESSERE built on this idea to create a one-of-a-kind wind turbine.


ENESSERE Wind Turbines


Wind turns into beauty with ENESSERE Hercules Wind Turbines. It’s a designer vertical axis mini wind turbine. The carbon wings are coated with a dense weave of wooden Paulownia.


Every place has a soul. To catch its essence also means to conceive tailor-made and exclusive solutions. This is why Pegasus Wind Turbine is offered in a pretty much infinite range of chromatic customizations.

myTurbine: monitor and manage your turbine in real time via web

Our turbine communicates with the user.

Con l’app myTurbine By using the myTurbine app the user can manage its operations and select the wind turbine generator rotation speed.

myTurbine is available for smartphones, PCs and tablets. Performances can be monitored anywhere in real time.


Up to 3 kW of instant power production.

Made in Italy

Quiet: only 38 dBA at full capacity

Instant safety stop if there’s over speed, excessive vibrations and system anomalies.

2 brakes and 4 sensors that are always active, to offer the best performances and safety under any weather condition.

Remote control by web.

3 rotation speed control modes: adagio, allegro, vivace.

Turn-key‘ formula installation.

Wing structure: 11 kg ca. for each wing on the Pegasus Wind Turbine and 21 kg ca. for each wing on the Hercules Wind Turbine.

AI that improves over time based on the data picked up in the installation area.

Precious materials: Carbon | Steel | Wood

Selecting high-value materials such as carbon for the spokes, stainless steel for the tower and

wood for the wings ensures safety and sturdiness for the wind rotor blades.,

High-value materials, handicraft expertise and technological innovation

Materiali di primissima qualità, perizia manuale e innovazione tecnologica.

This is the ENESSERE research.

Multiple award-winning design.


La nostra Filosofia


per KERING Eyewear

Installazione presso KERING Eyewear

Padova, Italia.

“Quando soffia il vento,
alcuni si adoperano per alzare muri,
altri costruiscono mulini a vento”