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“The simple philosophy that if good parts can make a great product, incredible parts can lead to a legendary one.”

John Maeda, The Laws of Simplicity, 2006.

Immagine a Green Company located in the Palladian Vicenza province. Imagine also that its goal is to offer solutions towards total energy independence via a 100% Made in Italy mini wind turbine.

Think of as being in constant development, continuously searching for a synthesis of the most innovative technologies and the highest quality craftsmanship. A sort of medieval workshop projected towards a New Renaissance, offering innovative and highly specialized design products. A reality that employs local workers and tradition of the territory to the best of their abilities, though at a global scale.

Finally, think of it as a place of continuous research and creative sharing, with the goal of combining beauty and technology, as only the best Made in Italy can do.

You’re thinking of ENESSERE.


“Start by doing what is necessary, and then what is possible. And suddenly you will surprise yourself and do the impossible.”
San Francesco

We believe that every green revolution is first of all a technological revolution. That the most innovative solutions are destined to trend-setting customers that look for environment-friendly, high quality products. This is why we decided to create a technology that can be proudly displayed, not hidden. It still happens way too often that solutions available in the renewable energies market are perceived as a climb-down, where looks are sacrificed in favor of cost efficiency.

On the contrary, at ENESSERE we think that this hurdle can only be overcome with high range products that enhance the context they’re placed in. This is why ENESSERE strives to eradicate the root causes of the negative perception that wind sector still has. By combining beauty and efficiency. By making sure that wind turbines aren’t just beautiful to look at, they’re also efficient. Able to enhance every context they’re placed in. And to ensure constant energy production with its wind turbines, that can exploit wind energy anywhere it comes from.

This is what makes ENESSERE‘s products unique and exclusive.


“When wind blows hard, some people work hard to build wall, other build windmills”

To search for beauty without compromises. This is our philosophy, at the core of which there’s man and his relationship with nature. At ENESSERE we think that this relationship must have a new balance based on beauty, exploiting what cutting-edge technology offers us.

We think that true innovation can be achieved only on these terms. This is the real driving force that can support a Made in Italy green economy that reconciles technological development with the environment. A force that respects nature and the environment. That introduces cutting-edge solutions, characterized by an optimal use of artificial intelligence without overlooking harmonious shapes and solutions. No compromise between beauty and technology. No compromise between beauty and ease of use.

No compromises. This is ENESSERE‘s vision

Artisanal Work

Courage and innovation. This is how at ENESSERE we think of craftsmanship applied to a cutting-edge technological product.

Our challenge is to create a wind turbine that’s not just a simple industrial product but also pure scientific craftsmanship. In other words, we wanted to combine beauty, technology, innovation and craftsmanship in a single product that generates clean energy for the environment. This is why we assembled a team of young wind energy engineers and highly experienced craftsmen. We have furniture experts, designers, mechanical materials experts, electronic professionals, digital technologists and many more.

An unprecedented synergy between the world of entrepreneurs and local workers, to create one-of-a-kind Made in Italy products. We’ve been called “eco-craftsmen” because our wind turbines combine attention to detail with technical efficiency. Creating them requires deep knowledge in the field of precision machining. A sector where Italy has always excelled in. Where ENESSERE wants to represent a new paradigm.

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