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Northern Italy | Italian Switzerland

ELMEC SOLAR is the official distributor of ENESSERE products for northern Italy and Italian Switzerland.

ELMEC SOLAR is part of the Elmec Group, an entrepreneurial reality that has been active

in design and management for over 50 years of highly specialized IT solutions and services.

ELMEC SOLAR designs and installs solar, photovoltaic and energy storage systems.

Greece and Cyprus

MASTERWIND is the official distributor of ENESSERE products for Greece and Cyprus.
MASTERWIND is a Greek company active in the market of innovative and top-end green technologies.


ALFA GREEN SOLUTIONS INC. is the official distributor of ENESSERE products for the United States of America.

ALFA GREEN SOLUTIONS INC. is a New York based Company, 100% owned by Plastica Alfa S.p.A, fully dedicated to supplying integrated solutions for Blue Economy, Urban Sustainable Developments, Environmental Mitigation and Green Building.


AMBITIOUS – AIR WATER TECHNOLOGIES is our authorized representative for all types of wind turbines including their accessories being manufactured by us for their sales , services & maintenances in the union territory of India.

AMBITIOUS – AIR WATER TECHNOLOGIES works of art show many wonderful benefits, improving water and air conditions wherever they were used.