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ENESSERE Wind Turbine is a nine meter high vertical axis mini wind turbine that uses the inexhaustible energy of the wind to generate clean electricity. Designed to maximise the use of wind from any direction, operating silently at all times.

What makes our Made in Italy mini wind turbines so special? In addition to producing clean energy, they blend harmoniously with the surrounding environment, enhancing the architectural and landscape context in which they are installed. They are the perfect addition for prominent locations such as resorts, yacht clubs and golf clubs, as well as private villas, public parks, gardens and marinas.

With ENESSERE Wind Turbine, the wind is transformed into a true work of art.



With the ENESSERE Hercules Wind Turbine, the wind transforms into beauty. There are two unique variants: one in exposed carbon fibre, the other covered with 40,000 strips of Paulownia wood, both with a stainless steel tower.


ENESSERE Pegasus Wind Turbine is the fully customisable wind turbine, perfect for representing the essence of every place.


The design of ENESSERE Wind Turbine is the result of in-depth aerodynamic studies conducted by a team of wind engineers, then transformed into reality by the expert hands of our craftsmen. We started from here, choosing to work only with the highest quality materials.

The sails themselves are the result of an advanced and optimised structural research to maximise the performance of the system, with the use of a particular aerodynamic profile known as NACA. Their original design gives a unique and exclusive aesthetic value to our wind generator.

Furthermore, the carbon spokes of ENESSERE Wind Turbine have been designed with great care, offering a unique combination of aesthetic lightness and structural robustness, creating a fascinating contrast between metal, carbon and wood, which can be appreciated differently in the combinations of our three models.

The tower — the supporting structure of ENESSERE Wind Turbine — was designed using advanced structural simulations, stress tests and vibration tests. This is the result of decades of field experience of our team of metal masters. The choice of quality materials gives the wind turbine an exceptionally safe and robust structure.

The precious materials, such as carbon for the spokes, stainless steel for the tower and wood for the sails, lend the wind turbines particular safety and structural robustness.

Top quality materials, manual expertise and technological innovation.

This is ENESSERE research.








Up to 4 kW of instant power production.
Made in Italy
Quiet: only 38 dBA at full capacity.
Instant safety stop if there’s over speed, excessive vibrations and system anomalies.
2 brakes and 4 sensors that are always active, to offer the best performances and safety under any weather condition.
Remote control by web. 3 rotation speed control modes: adagio, allegro, vivace.
Turn-key‘ formula installation.
Wing structure: 11 kg ca. for each wing on the Pegasus Wind Turbine and 21 kg ca. for each wing on the Hercules Wind Turbine.
AI that improves over time based on the data picked up in the installation area.


Max Aerodynamic Power4 kW
Cut-in Wind Speed8 knots (~4,0 m/s)
Project Wind Speed48 knots (~25,0 m/s)
RPMMax 200 RPM
Annual Energy to 6 m/s~5000 kWh
Noise Level at 60 m38 dBA


Move the slider of the wind speed (m/s) to find out the annual energy production (KWH) according to the different environments.

ENESSERE Wind Turbine is an ideal wind energy solution that offers an exceptional performance in the presence of adequate winds. Its unique design allows it to capture wind energy from any direction, eliminating the need for reorientation, and it requires only a minimal speed to start.

The ENESSERE Wind Turbine alternator is capable of generating over 4 kW of instantaneous power, corresponding to an annual energy production of approximately 5000 kWh with an average wind of 6 m/s. This means a constant source of clean electricity for your energy needs.

The versatility of this mini wind turbine is amazing. The energy generated can be easily integrated into the national grid, allowing the sale of the energy produced to the electricity operator.

In the case of an off-grid installation, the turbine is isolated from the electricity grid, and the energy produced is stored in storage batteries. This provides the autonomy to directly meet the user’s needs, thanks to a battery system specially sized to ensure an optimal level of charging and use.

With ENESSERE Wind Turbine, power and flexibility come together in a cutting-edge energy solution, which adapts to your needs, offering an exceptional contribution to the environment.


For ENESSERE, safety is an absolute priority. To ensure maximum safety, ENESSERE Wind Turbine is equipped with a sophisticated system of sensors that come into action in the event of anomalous values of key parameters. These include:

  • wind speed sensor(anemometer), which stops the operation of the wind turbine in the event of excessively strong and potentially dangerous winds.
  • double sensor for the number of revolutions(RF and inverter), which stops operation if the wind turbine exceeds 200 RPM.
  • vibration sensor, ready to intervene in the event of out-of-the-ordinary vibrations that could compromise the structural integrity, activating a braking system.
  • temperature probe, to monitor the thermal conditions of the system.
  • double braking system, both mechanical and electric. The mechanical brake, in particular, has been designed with great care, functioning even in the absence of electricity to power the electrical panel, thus guaranteeing maximum safety of your wind turbine.


ENESSERE Wind Turbine is a one-of-a-kind work of intelligent wind engineering. What makes it special is its ability to constantly adapt to environmental conditions to improve its performance accordingly. Equipped with advanced sensors, this wind turbine collects real wind data from the installation site, which is constantly monitored and processed by proprietary software, allowing the micro wind turbine to continuously optimise its efficiency.

An exceptional feature of the ENESSERE Wind Turbine is the ability to recover the energy normally dissipated during rotor braking and use it directly to power the electrical panel, reducing overall consumption.

Each wind turbine is connected remotely to our servers, allowing for automatic updates whenever our system detects potential improvements.

Furthermore, ENESSERE Wind Turbine is unique in that it can be rotated by the user at the desired speed, even in conditions of little or no wind. ENESSERE Wind Turbine offers two operating modes:

  • STOP & GO >In the absence of wind, the turbine waits for sufficient gusts to start producing clean energy.
  • ENDLESS MODE> The turbine constantly maintains a minimum speed of 25 rpm, even in the absence of wind, ready to capture any gust to continue generating clean energy.

With the ENESSERE Wind Turbine, technology and intelligence combine to deliver exceptional performance, making wind energy more efficient than ever.


Our wind turbine communicates with the user

With the ENESSERE Wind Turbine, management becomes an intuitive and customisable experience, offering maximum control and access to relevant information at all times.

The ENESSERE team has embraced a new level of innovation, leading towards the evolution of true artificial intelligence for our products and the adoption of a true Internet of Things (IoT), bringing the potential of web connections into the real world.

Through the use of the myTurbine app, the user has full control over the operation of the wind generator. They can turn the turbine on and off, but also select the desired rotation speed, thanks to three main modes:

  • ADAGIO >In this mode, the turbine gradually increases speed up to a maximum of 100 rpm, offering a quieter and more controlled operation.
  • ALLEGRO >This mode allows the turbine to accelerate gradually up to a maximum of 150 rpm, offering a balance between power and speed.
  • VIVACE >This mode allows the turbine to reach a maximum speed of 200 rpm gradually, providing dynamic and powerful performance.

Furthermore, this application offers the user the chance to monitor statistics and the instantaneous system performance remotely, wherever they are.


The electronic component of the ENESSERE Wind Turbine is the result of the extensive experience in the automotive sector of Autoelettric and the essential contribution of wind energy specialist engineers.

The approach to our wind generator is based on the use of reliable and high quality components, often used in the series manufacturing industry. This choice, guided by the expertise of our wind engineers, translates into an ENESSERE Wind Turbine controller equipped with electronic intelligence that is capable of optimising the exploitation of the wind and improving the overall performance of our wind turbines.

The electromechanical component is equally crucial, with a particular attention dedicated to the selection of the generator, the true beating heart of the product. The goal was to find a perfect balance between an adequate electrical production from the alternator and the size of the rotor.

The ideal synthesis between form and essence offers an exceptional performance.


We at ENESSERE take care of our customers constantly and completely. When it comes to the installation of our wind turbine, we offer a “turnkey” solution that includes the manufacturing, assembly and the on-site positioning of our mini vertical wind turbine, all included in the purchase price.

Normally, only two working days are needed to complete the installation and test the ENESSERE Wind Turbine. We offer our customer the flexibility to choose whether to rely on ENESSERE for the foundation work and installation means or whether they prefer to collaborate with a trusted designer or company.

However, our commitment does not end with the installation phase. After testing, our team of technicians constantly monitors the functioning of the wind turbine, responding promptly to any needs expressed by the customer. Our goal is to resolve any problem as quickly as possible.

What distinguishes us is the reliability, the speed of intervention and the continuous monitoring. This is our way of taking care of our customers and ensuring maximum satisfaction.

Please note: It is essential to note that the support tower is an essential and inseparable component of the wind turbine. However, it does not contribute significantly to the quality or usefulness of the land on which it is installed and, therefore, it does not need to be included in the calculation of the cadastral income. This principle has been confirmed by several Italian tax rulings.

All rights to the Design Nr. 1834136-0001/0002 are reserved of ENESSERE  S.r.l.

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