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Frequently asked questions

ENESSERE Hercules Wind Turbine is 8,85 m tall. This is the suggested height to comply with the golden ratio between rotor and tower. However, it can be increased based on a customer’s specific demands, in order to exploit stronger and more stable wind currents. The maximum diameter of the rotor is 2,68 m.

There is a grounding system for the controller and turbine that is necessary to protect the electronic components. Moreover, the turbine features the proper over-voltage arresters. We’re however testing new innovative solutions to increase security even further.

In this case the inverter cuts the supply of electricity to the grid until it’s safe to start back up again. At the same time, an internal hydraulic brake stops the rotation of the wings for safety reasons.

The output depends on how windy the site is and on the type of wind.

Following the Weibull Distribution chart, with an average wind speed of 6 m/s and k=2. ENESSERE Hercules Wind Turbine generates 3.700 kWh.

Peak power on wind speed between 18-20 m/s is over 4 KW. These figures are indicative and might adjust considerably based on the type of wind in the installation area, its consistency and nature. Generally with more humid wind gusts such as sea breeze, or the winds that precede snowfall, the generated output is considerably higher with the same wind speed.

The start up (or ignition) requires a constant 3,0-4,0 m/sec wind: the wind turbine starts rotating anti-clockwise and increases constantly until wind speed reaches 18-20 m/sec – that’s when the wind turbine reaches its max operating level. If it goes over this level, the controller brakes and stops the wind turbine in order to guarantee its total safety of use.

The user can manage the controller touch interface to establish three different modes that place a limit to the rotations beyond which the turbine slows down: Adagio up to 80 rpm, Andante up to 140 rpm and Vivace up to 200 rpm, in order to fully enjoy the turbine.

ENESSERE Hercules Wind Turbine is totally silent. The noise emitted at its max rotation speed, 200 rpm, is 51 dB that is much lower than 60 dB, which is considered annoying to the human ear. In other words, wind noise is always higher than the noise generated by the rotor.

Yes, it’s possible to install multiple ENESSERE Hercules turbines, provided that the minimum distance between them is at least 8 meters. If not, there might be service interferences on the rotors. Anyway, it is advised to use a single inverter and controller on each ENESSERE Hercules Wind Turbine.

If you always conduct the pre-planned maintenance activities, an ENESSERE Hercules Wind Turbine will last at least 20 years. The only components that might wear over time are the three bearings, the surface treatment of the wings and the potential degradation of the internal generator.

ENESSERE Hercules Wind Turbine has been designed in order not to go beyond the 200 rpm when generating energy. This is how his rotation range can remain below the structural weakness threshold, increasing its safety and life cycle. The controller constantly monitors it, and its braking and stopping phases are due to both the internal alternator and the possible use of the hydraulic brake.

ENESSERE Hercules Wind Turbine has been designed in accordance to the EC directive for the EC marking and with EN 1090-1 and IEC 61400-2.

We’re constantly working to improve the maintenance and life cycle of the wooden wings by experimenting new paints and drying processes.

Moreover, the software in our controller is constantly improving so that the wind turbine can be self-taught in learning wind patterns over time and can re-elaborate data depending on how windy a specific site is by using the most performing torque curve.

This process goes hand in hand with our intention of remotely managing the wind turbine via web. The goal is to create a turbine that is in itself a weather and pollution info hub. We’re basically moving in innovation areas of the Internet of Things.

It is highly unlikely that the activity of our wind turbine interferes with birds; both because of its height from the ground (only 9 m) and its limited surface compared to vertical axis systems, so it’s more visible to animals.

The installation requires a foundation plinth, which itself requires a minor excavation operation. 2×2 and about 1,5m deep. Moreover, if there are no pipelines, a small channel must be built to connect the wind turbine to the controller. Finally, if the power is fed into the grid, it is necessary to have an inverter approved in accordance to various countries regulations.

Yes, it can be used as a “stand alone” with the help of batteries that store energy. The cooperation with a prestigious Tesla distributor in Italy made use choose Powerwall Tesla as a storage solution.

Even though it’s been conceived to be installed on the ground, it is possible to evaluate other installations for the ENESSERE Hercules Wind Turbine on reinforced concrete structures, provided that a thorough examination is conducted on how much weight they can carry and potentially a customization of the installation.

Absolutely, yes. All paints, coatings, external finishes and surfaces of our wind turbines have been designed to resist in marine or brackish environments.

Initially it’s useful to conduct a feasibility study by examining pictures or layouts of the site where the installation will take place. Then it is advised to conduct an inspection with our technicians in-situ that precedes the installation project itself. Bureaucracy provides the forwarding of a request to the local administration, which has 30 days to issue a statement before “tacit consent” is triggered. It will then be possible to proceed with the excavation and creation of the plinth and, after 10 days, with the installation of the turbine. In a matter of a few hours our team will be able to hoist the tower, position the rotor and calibrate the wings. Then, once it’s tested, our wind turbine will be ready for use.

ENESSERE Hercules Wind Turbine is created and assembled at our production facility in Brendola, Vicenza and other labs in the Vicenza province.

Normally it does not need any specific periodic maintenance activity. The maintenance plan however plans a series of checkups in the first 12 months of the turbine’s life, and then it is advised to conduct a yearly checkup. That’s why we always suggest subscribing to an extension of the basic warranty period (2 years) Please check out the specific section on the website.

We do offer a 2-year basic warranty period on spare parts and product. By subscribing to the ENESSERE customer assistance we offer and extension of the “all inclusive” service for the maintenance of the product over time.

It’s always best to contact the seller should for any reason the turbine be noisy, or in any case should you hear weird noises. It is also advised to contact the ENESSERE service center should the rotation be partial or abnormal. We’ll promptly gear up to support you and, if necessary, intervene immediately. There’s a specific section dedicated to this on the homepage.

ENESSERE Hercules Wind Turbine can resist a pretty severe storm without sustaining damages. In any event, should weather conditions be extraordinarily poor, it is always advisable to stop the wind turbine by pressing the emergency button and anchor the rotor to the ground by using a cable or other means.

Yes, our wind turbine can operate without feedback from its owners.

You can do that via the emergency button or by anchoring the rotor to the ground with a cable or other means.

ENESSERE Hercules Wind Turbine weighs circa 690 kg, of which 350 kg for the tower, 180 kg for the rotor, 70 kg for the wings and 90 kg for other accessories.

When ENESSERE Hercules Wind Turbine has reached the end of its life cycle it must be brought to a recycling center as the metal in the turbine and the electronics can be reused. The tower can instead be used for a new turbine. Our company can regenerate wings so they can be used again.

Since the height of the ENESSERE Hercules Wind Turbine is less that 15 meters and the installed capacity is lower than 60 kW, it does not fall under the specific category of the “Mini Wind Generator Systems”. It is still however necessary to consult the local administration of the place where you intend to install the wind turbine to make sure that there are no municipal or regional laws that impose restrictions and/or other regulations. In most cases the only obligation that applies is the issue of a SCIA indicating the start date of the installation, for which the tacit consent applies: 30 days after the official submission, if the local administration hasn’t issued anything, the installation can begin. Should the system be connected to the grid via the “Conto Energia” (“Energy Account”), the GSE (Italian National Grid Operator) process will have to be initiated.

The nominal power is 3 kW. The production will peak at about 4 kW, which are reached if the wind blows constantly at 18-20 m/s.

There is an internal mechanical brake with hydraulic activation via our controller based on the rotor RPM. The system is constantly checked, slowed down and if necessary, blocked electronically and mechanically.

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