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In the enchanting scenery of the Upper Aosta Valley where nature reigns supreme a green revolution is coming to life, changing the way we conceive energy and agriculture.

This revolution is carried out by Fondazione Sistema Ollignan Onlus in collaboration with Enessere, a Vicenza-based company that is at the forefront of the renewable energy sector.

The Wind that Warms the Orchids

The project in question is as ambitious as it is fascinating: we are talking about the energy produced by a majestic micro-wind turbine, whose destiny is to heat a new greenhouse dedicated to the cultivation of orchids. But it is not just any greenhouse: it is located inside the Center for the inclusion of people with disabilities, a special place that promotes the inclusion and well-being of people with special needs.

The energy generated by this micro-wind turbine represents a significant step forward towards sustainable and responsible energy production. With a height of 9 meters and the capacity to generate 5 kWh, this wind turbine might seem modest in comparison to gigantic traditional wind turbines, but it is more than enough to energetically support small agricultural businesses like the one that is emerging within this Center.

The Future in the Aosta Valley is Green

This plant is not an isolated case, but it is part of a larger plan. In fact, in Enessere we are already planning the design and construction of other micro-wind turbines in the the Aosta Valley that will cover various areas with a high tourist profile and important ski lifts, continuing the commitment of these regional economic activities towards sustainability and innovation in the energy sector.


The Energy Community Revolution

For Fondazione Sistema Ollignan Onlus of Quart, which has been dedicated to the well-being of people with disabilities for over twenty years, this project represents a unique opportunity. This is an experiment that goes far beyond energy production and focuses on the idea of an energy community.

In addition to clean energy, the project involves the construction of a greenhouse on a 50 square meter concrete base that will become the place where orchids warmed by the wind will grow, but it will also be a space of inclusion and growth for people with disabilities.

Vision and Commitment

The President of Fondazione Ollignan, Gianfranco Trevisan, the Director of the Foundation, René Benzo, and the Marketing Manager of Edileco cooperative, Sara Faraci, are among those who contributed most to making this dream a reality. The vision and commitment of these people have made possible a project that will help change the lives of many people and demonstrates that it is possible to combine sustainability and social inclusion in a single initiative.

The “Pureness and Energy” project would not have been possible without the support of important partners like Intesa Sanpaolo that played a key role in the financing of this initiative through the Formula Program, in collaboration with Fondazione CESVI. The fundraising that was active from January to March 2023 demonstrated that the community, together with private citizens and businesses, deeply believes in the values of sustainability and inclusion promoted by this project.

We at Enessere deployed our skills to create this innovative structure and install our wind turbine, while the Aosta Valley cooperative Edileco took care of the architectural and plant design.

The micro-wind plant built by Enessere in the Upper Aosta Valley is much more than a simple turbine. It is a symbol of innovation, sustainability and inclusion, which reminds us that the future is green and that the beauty of nature can be preserved and shared by all, regardless of their abilities.

Fondazione Ollignan is blazing a bright path towards a better world and we at Enessere are excited to follow them on this adventure towards a positive change.

You can follow the progress of the project closely on our social media.

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