In Europe in 2014, wind power has provided the 8% of the total electricity demand.

Last year, the European windfarms have guaranteed a supply of 129 GW, this electricity is enough to meet the combined annual consumption of Holland, Belgium, Greece and Ireland.
According with The 2014 JRC Wind Status report, the growth of wind energy will continue to reach up to 12% of total European electricity demand by 2020.
This clean energy will allow Europe to better reach the goal of the European energy and climate package of 20% share of energy from renewable sources, fixed by 2020.
The global wind power market in the last two decades has experienced a world record growth, from an installed capacity of just 3 GW to 370 GW.
Last year, the wind power installed worldwide reached 52.8 GW, an increase of 48% over 2012, particularly the members of the European Union have installed a total of 13.05 GW.

From the industrial point of view, European turbine manufacturers accounted for 78% of the non-China world market in 2014.


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