There is widespread discussion of the economic future of our country where solutions and proposals are sometimes in conflict: there are those who want a tourism-oriented country, those who want a country based on the food industry to take advantage of our tradition and those who yearn for a strong manufacturing country just like Germany.

In fact, regardless of the markets and sectors, the wealth of our country is given by its creativity, its good taste and the innate idea of the “well done”.
Those who work, those who create in our country have a natural tendency to quality and  pride in producing high standard products.

ENESSERE invites everyone to consider and judge artisanship, not in terms of dimension but in terms of quality.

Both truths apply: a large company may produce products of high craftsmanship and vice versa a small business with a few employees may produces large volumes of industrial standardized products.
Which will be the more successful in the future? Quality is the only key to success.

Our country still has a future only if it will capitalize on its craftsmanship excellencies where  companies reorganize themselves into professional and well-managed organizations, taking advantage of all the new technologies which are increasingly convenient and readily available. Internet and globalization will be catalysts, whereby these new forms of artisan industries in the near future may become the real protagonists of our economic renaissance.

ENESSERE is halfway between a workshop and an high technology company. It is a place of research, a place to share creativity and scientific knowledge, a space where ideas become reality.

ENESSERE combines the wisdom and attention to quality typical of Italian craftsmanship and an industrial company focused on innovation and product customization.

Yes, we consider ourselves a modern medieval workshop, ready for a new renaissance.

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