Caterpillar Radio 2 presents “The Energy Saving Day” (M’illumino di Meno), the largest radio campaign to raise awareness on energy saving.

This year Autoelettric with its energy division ENESSERE is joining to the campaign.

The goal is to spread best energy saving practices inside institutions, municipalities, associations, schools, enterprises and individuals, by encouraging people thinking about energy waste, which can be avoided with structural but also with simple steps that every individual can put into practice. Building insulation, renewable resources, the use of green vehicles, stopping the “Vampire Power” waste, everyone can contribute.

On February 13, 2015 the company will take part to the symbolic “energy silence” moment.

The staff will be even more respectful in good saving energy practices, besides what we are all already doing by recycling and proudly producing energy with our ENESSERE Hercules Wind Generator.

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