Ideas are like humans: their life spans are not infinite.  A few, like the wheel, change the world and can last for centuries. The point is, the germination of idea is a function of the circumstances at a very particular moment in time.

No thinking, no matter how incredible, is frozen in time and judged against a static background. Just because the wheel was such a breakthrough, doesn’t mean it has to stay in stone or wood. Some ideas are so fundamental and powerful they are reincarnated year after year. Others are destined to bloom for a few months and then die.

The trick is to know which is which. It helps to accept that the life cycle of an idea is determined by a vast range of interventions. Some are frivolous (like fashion); others are more weighty (like the environment). The original thought has to adapt to remain relevant or it should be allowed to die a natural death. Ideas re as Darwinian as life itself – only the strongest survive. Thinking without a sense of urgency rarely sees the light of day. A tight time frame creates focus

If it’s understood that ideas, like other perishable products, have a sell-by date, then speed is not your enemy, but rather your modus operandi. Thinking doesn’t have to have long loops from one person to the other. At the beginning of the process, the closer everyone is physically, the better. E-mails and telephone calls tend to dissipate the magic. Even if the thought is clearly articulate, it’s not attached to a mood. And an idea in its early stages, without the positive atmosphere around it, is tough to float.

If everyone is in the same room though, a hothouse effect is created. Most problems can be short-circuited, and the growth of ideas is enormously stimulated. The level of thinking is not only higher, it’s also faster. Spontaneity has a place to live because it doesn’t have to be translated.

We at ENESSERE by creating Hercules felt in the same way. From an idea, together with the enthusiasm of our team and the awareness of the good that we can do for the environment and for people, we have created Hercules Wind Generator.

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