Observation inspired by “Art of the Idea” of John Hunt.

Hercules ENESSERE Wind Generator has been developed and made by the team ENESSERE breaking the usual patterns in the existing market of microeolico, choosing both unconventional materials and unconventional engineering solutions that make our wind generator unique in the small wind sector.

This leads us to John Hunt’s Observation n°2 : “Lemmings have plans too”.

We are creatures of habit. And habit can serve its purpose. It’s great not to have to think every morning whether your underpants go on before or after your trousers. But habit can become so deeply ingrained, it produces mental gridlock. It is very difficult to get a fresh idea through those addicted to routine. They prefer words like consistency and continuity. The issue often becomes not so much the acceptance of something new, but the ability to let go the old. They present habit as part of their value system.

The problem with a preset mind is that it has assumed its way of doing things is best. And habit then proves it so. Habit attracts followers, and the more followers, the stronger the habit. There’s great comfort in tracking the footsteps of those in front of you. That way you don’t have to worry where you’re going. Very few people are prepared to ask themselves: Is there a habit or an idea behind this? Is this the best way or merely the most accepted?

This is precisely what ENESSERE chose to do, merge technology with sculpture, break with convention and to create a functional, energy producing sculpture. Hercules Wind Generator is designed to perfectly integrate and enhance the environment where it is installed. It is the perfect combination of function and form, form is substance.

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