In a world where all products are standardised and distributed to every corner of the world, to find unique hand crafted creations is an arduous task. However it is always a pleasure to find people who have a passion and vision to create products that are beautiful, innovative yet with a deep rooted tradition but with an eye on the future where they embrace technology and merge it with artisanship, seamlessly.

Guillemot kayaks by Nick Schade, uses certified harvested red cedar wood to create the most beautiful kayaks which perform as well as, if not better than composite material kayaks. In the same manner ENESSERE Hercules combines wood with composite materials to produce a truly unique wind turbine that will integrate beautifully into any environment.

There is a quality about a finely crafted wooden kayak which is hard to describe They have a sensuousness not typical of other traditional wooden boats. Their motion through the water seems somehow smoother than other kayaks. The sweep of the sheer and the smooth arc of the deck draw the hand as well as the eye.

The Enessere wind generator’s wood blades each comprising of over 300 cedar wood sections, hand built like an aeroplane wing, rotate in the air with a grace and finesse which is mesmerising. Even when the rotor is at a standstill it looks like a work of art, a sinuous sculpture with a fluidity of an elegant classical dancer.

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