ENESSERE wants to be a protagonist of the extension of the internet to the world of concrete objects and places. Our Hercules Wind Generators are already connected to the net and we are continuously investing in artificial intelligence for our controllers to make sure that our wind turbines better adapt to the context where they are installed.

The platform has become the environment itself: the sensors detect wind speed, temperature, humidity, the position of Hercules, production of current, which in turn send a set of signals to our controller and, for example, improve the exploitation of the gusts of wind or simply to kick start the wind turnbine in case of low wind speeds.

ENESSERE products are an integral part of this new trend, now that the objects that surround us, the machines that we use have become large prostheses aiding human capacities; ranging from cars to telephones or televisions, all our devices that we use daily are filled with sensors to detect the proximity, movement, light, touch, enabling ever more natural forms of iteration, which are secure and intuitive to use.

The connection between machines which are able to make decisions without the aid of man launches the realization of the vision of the “internet of things” so that people will live in an increasingly “intelligent” environment and where the available resources are managed in a balanced way.

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