Centro Cultural Lola Mora


Enessere accepted the proposal by Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects. The well-known architecture studio Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects involved Enessere for the construction of a tower of 5 turbines, inspired by our Pegasus model, to be placed in the Cultural Center dedicated to the Argentine artist Lola Mora. An art museum dedicated to Lola Mora (1866-1936) … Read more

Bohuš Kubinskí – art installation | Bratislava


Art in motion with the micro wind turbine Enessere is thrilled to take part in artist Bohuš Kubinskí‘s project in one of the major squares in Bratislava.Our vertical micro wind turbine becomes the protagonist of a moving but ecological artistic installation, as it is energetically self sufficient. As described by the artist it is “…an … Read more



Ilcam  S.p.a., European leader in the production of frontals for the furniture industry, confirms its attention to sustainability with the installation of a Pegasus Wind Turbine at the Cormons headquarters. The company has been committed to meeting the company’s energy needs for a long time while respecting the environment. This priority has pushed ILCAM to … Read more

Coop Firenze | Scandicci (FI), Italia


Coop Firenze has always distinguished itself for its attention to sustainability, together with environmental care, the elimination of inequalities and generation pacts. Together with ENESSERE, Coop Firenze Energy Team is evaluating the possibility to integrate their photovoltaic systems with multiple smaller-sized wind turbines, installed along their parking spaces, perhaps in close proximity of charging stations … Read more

Swatch Group Head Office | Switzerland

Enessere for Omega SA Swatch GroupOmega SA Swatch Group is one of the leading international groups in the design, manufacture and sale of watches (and its components) sector and owns 18 brands, among which Omega, Tissot and Swatch. Right now the group is designing with the Enessere team the installation of a wind turbine in a new park … Read more

Multifunctional complex “GES-2” Moscow, Bolotnaya emb. 15

Enessere designs future with the Renzo Piano parisian studio The restoration project of a former power plant in Moscow is the chance for the first cooperation between Enessere and Renzo Piano Paris studio. The project envisages the installation of twelve Enessere wind turbines on each of the two chimneys. These are massive, 70 meters structures that represent the … Read more

Rozelle Bay | Bicentennial Park | Australia

Located on the scenic coast of Rozelle Bay, the Bicentennial Park is part of the Glebe Foreshore Parks, just outside Sydney. The park, located 16 km east of the city’s central financial district, covers 40 hectares (99 acres) and is included in the Sydney Olympic Park. The location features many wetland areas and is a popular destination … Read more

Embassy of Switzerland | Copenhagen, Denmark

Enessere for the Swiss embassy in Denmark Switzerland is unanimously considered one of the most advanced countries regarding sustainability and has long been active in promoting environmentally friendly policies and behavior. In order to emphasize this choice, the Swiss consul in Denmark asked Enessere to formulate a proposal to enhance the gardens of the building. The declared purpose is … Read more

Le suquet | Route de l’aubrac | Laguiole | France

Enessere for Sebastien Bras, ChefBorn in the trade, his father being maestro Michel, a real institution of French cuisine, Sebastien has been directing the Le Suquet restaurant (which his father founded in 1992) in Laguiole for more than 10 years. A well-known name among the fine cuisine connoisseurs, Sebastien has also been under the spotlight since 2017 … Read more