“Hudson Winds” Site-specific public art installation project at Hight Line | New York, U.S.A.

ENESSERE was selected for the “Hudson Winds” urban project, specifically developed for High Line’s Art Program from the artist S.Wolf, for a demonstration exhibit of some mini ENESSERE Pegasus Wind Turbine on New York’s former elevated railway, converted into a green urban area for bicycles and pedestrians, that runs along the Hudson river and the old port and railway areas, which have now been redeveloped in the wider urban project called Hudson Yards.

Here the artist Silvio Wolf talks about his concept:

Hudson Winds

Site-specific installation project
by Silvio Wolf for the Hudson Yard in Manhattan.

I conceived the Hudson Winds installation to offer visitors a real-time, immersive experience of the natural and built environment that co-exists through the heightened awareness of three local, present and intangible entities: wind, light, and sound.
 The wind has the power to penetrate Manhattan’s urban grid corridors and is nowhere more apparent than along the Hudson waterfront. My idea is to position three poetic, human-friendly wind turbines that give body and grace to the wind while capturing its energy to visually and audibly transform and enhance the site around it. These state of the art devices would enrich the urban landscape experience with their unique blend of electric, participative, and meditative energy, establishing a harmonic relationship with people who are in their presence.

 In addition to interacting with light and wind, the turbines are to be installed with a dedicated audio system that captures the surrounding ambient sounds, transforming them into a sound composition synchronized to the turbine wings’ rotation speeds.”

Wind turbine by night