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Renewable energy and environmental sustainability, Enessere installs a mini wind generator at Green Pea in Turin

Hercules Wind Turbine at Green Pea

Beauty is precision. Proportions. Harmony of shapes. Respect for the landscape.

Green Pea, world’s first Green Retail Park dedicated to the Respect theme, chose to place a Hercules Wind Turbine close to the entrance of this magnificent 15000 m2, 5-floors building: a place where sustainable products – created in harmony with the earth, air, water and people – are not just a duty, they’re also a pleasure.

Our micro wind turbines are a symbol of sustainability and Green Pea wanted to have an installation that dealt with wind: it’s the green source that progressed humanity the most – thanks to wind we were able to sail the farthest seas, with windmills we could grind flours and move the first looms until the industrial revolution began.

Enessere’s vertical axis wind turbine produces up to 4kW under strong wind conditions and thanks to its shape it exploits the wind anywhere it comes from with no need for reorientation.

mini wind turbine at Green Pea

Mini wind turbines with wood wings

Its main structure is made in steel and carbon fiber with wings covered in Paulownia wood, a symbolic plant in the fight against climate change and global warming.

Paulownia’s wood color has been naturally pigmented to better combine with the color of the wood that covers the building, which thanks to the Legno e Sole company comes from two harmonious forests in Val di Fiemme and the Belluno area, devastated by the Vaia storm of October 2018.

Green Pea – Hercules mini wind Turbine with Paulownia wood wings

Green Pea wanted it to slowly move even when there’s no wind, powering it up with the clean energy from their photovoltaic plant as they want it to dance along the natural breathing flow of our earth.

In choosing Hercules Wind Turbine, Green Pea felt the need to be inspired by chromatic silence in order to mitigate urban visual pollution, a key theme that the design team had to tackle when redeveloping the main access road to the retail park.

Respect for the environment turns into pleasure for everyone: with our wind turbine, Green Pea also added the “Made in Italy” beauty.

In these short videos you can see both the installation phase of the mini vertical wind generator and its elegant dance in the wind in front of Green Pea:

Hercules wind turbine – Installation – Green Pea Turin
Enessere – Hercules wind turbine at Green Pea

Renewable energies are a new way to create energy and wind and mini wind contribute to that energy transaction now necessary for a more sustainable world.

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