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Landscape mini wind turbine

Wind turbines’ colors and materials have been designed to communicate with the colors of the landscape they’re inserted in, create harmony and develop a chromatic relationship.

The wings of Enessere wind turbines reflect the color of sky and clouds, the colour of its towers is neutral, cold and warm, matching tree trunks and cityscapes neutral colors.

By combining the colors of wings and towers we create the best combination for different environments: city, waterfront, mountains and hillsides, all the while preserving the chromatic identity of the location.
This is how our mini wind turbines perfectly integrate the environment that surrounds them, with a hint of modernity and design combines with the clear advantage of producing wind energy.

For instance, a wind turbine with Seta wing and Metal tower quietly fits into the colors of the Ligurian coast, while the dominating chroma of a wind turbine with Cielo wing and Titanio tower is ideal for the colors of Tuscan hillsides.

Combinations may have different levels of contrast, the wind turbine with Grafite tower and Seta wing fits well with many contemporaru achromatic architectures and would be perfect in front of Milan’s new stadium.

In the image below we see an example of how a vertical mini wind turbine with copper-colored blades and graphite-colored structure integrates perfectly into a modern structure.


Harmony on a site also reveals a deeper connection, a symbiotic relationship (from the greek expression συμβίωσις “to live together”) between the wind turbine and nature: its wings exploit the wind but, in turn, give back clean energy.

Francesca Valan is an industrial designer specialised in the design of colours, materials and finishes (CMF Design).
She makes colour plans for multinational companies and designs the colour of different types of products. She teaches CMF Design and collaborates with important design and architecture studios. Her works are published in architecture and design magazines and national and international books.

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