Ilcam  S.p.a., European leader in the production of frontals for the furniture industry, confirms its attention to sustainability with the installation of a Pegasus Wind Turbine at the Cormons headquarters.

The company has been committed to meeting the company’s energy needs for a long time while respecting the environment. This priority has pushed ILCAM to search for innovative solutions on the market through substantial investments which over time have led to important results: 20,000 sqm of photovoltaic panels, for an energy production of 2,240,000 kWh per year and a reduction of CO2 equal to 2,900 tons per year.

With the ENESSERE micro wind turbine, this prestigious company opens up to the wind: taking advantage of a territory where the presence of the Bora wind is familiar, ILCAM has chosen to install a “Total Black” Pegasus with carbon wings and spokes and an anthracite coloured metal structure. For the first time, the wind turbine of ENESSERE will be able to deal with a wind that is often feared by the Gorizia communities, which instead can now become a real positive opportunity for the production of clean energy. For ENESSERE the wind is always welcome.