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The stars are pure energy and constellations give them a meaning, bestowing them with a configuration that man always used to interpret events and to orient themselves.

ENESSERE with its constellations wishes to give a direction, an orientation for those who navigate the sea of new green technologies.

The names of ENESSERE products are inspired by the 48 constellations listed by Ptolemy as Hercules, Andromeda, Corona, Lyra, Orion, Pegasus and Libra.

Our ENESSERE Hercules Wind Generator gets its name from the Hercules constellation, the fifth largest  constellation of the sky among the 88 modern ones; stretches across the northern hemisphere, clearly visible in the spring and summer nights.

In ancient mythology, Hercules was a symbol of courage and strength, but also one of humanity and generosity, where in an earthly life he overcame 12 mythological challenges.

The challenge that the ENESSERE team has exceeded, was to build a wind turbine with wings made of wood and composite material, a structural and aesthetical innovation, that no one before had ever attempted. The generosity and determination of our team to achieve this goal we share with Hercules and his courage with which he faced formidable tests.

As Hercules is a symbol of intense physical strength and moral strength, so ENESSERE Hercules Wind Generator also wants to be a symbol of beauty, strength and reliability.

All rights to the Design Nr. 1834136-0001/0002 are reserved of ENESSERE Div. Di AUTOELETTRIC S.r.l.

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