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In the near future the renewable energy demand is expected to increase to reduce greenhouse gases and consequently to reduce global warming.

Decarbonisation is a long and complex process. This will happen only by adopting hybrid alternative energy systems.

Studies at Oregon State University, have proven that fossils fuels transition to independency must shift not just from one source of renewable energy but from a mix of sources, to be able to bridge each energy generation system lack.

For example, in some regions of the United States the winds are stronger at night, when the photovoltaic plants are not able to generate electricity. By focusing on mixed renewable energy solutions, based on wind, solar and geothermal we can solve the main thorny issue for the development of renewable energies: the intermittent nature of renewable energy during the day.

ENESSERE Hercules Wind Generator is designed for that too. Used as a single power generator in windy areas or mixed with other renewable energy.

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