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Observation inspired by “Art of the Idea” of John Hunt: “Trust your instincts, or they will go away”

In an age where everyone seeks certainty, reference power, measurement and research, instinct sounds a concept that belongs to a bygone era. It’s too difficult to define. Too primordial. Besides, universities don’t run courses for it. Fewer and fewer people pay any attention to what their gut feeling is trying to tell them. Yet, when you’re desperate for an idea, it’s the most precious commodity on earth. At the early stages of something new, that’s often all you’ve got. An instinct, an inner twitch in your gut that says you might be on to something big. Those who come up with the best ideas are those who are comfortable with the fact that, sometimes, you just know before you know why.

So it was with Hercules, our creators natural instinct was to create a wind generator that did not fit the normal standards, but at the same time high performing and built with quality materials. Furthermore, the design and the use of a natural material such as the red cedar wood blades helped create a technological sculpture which is both beautiful to the eye and to the touch. If we had listened to all the “experts” and technicians, Hercules would have remained in a drawer, but trusting our instinct the Enessere design team managed to build a wind generator of rare beauty.

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