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Right from the start the Enessere team harboured the idea of a wind generator that did not fit the usual conventions and schemes. They collectively envisaged how an urban wind generator should be. The idea further developed into thinking how it could integrate in a harmonious way in all environments: thanks to the creative contribution of our team and their genius craftsmanship, the “crazy” idea to build wooden wings, became a reality.

Observation inspired by “Art of the Idea” of John Hunt: “Ideas have moods

Ideas don’t happen in a vacuum. They’re sensitive to the environment and often take their cues from the prevailing mood. If you have a room full of scared people, they will tend to give out stiff, small ideas. Fear might be a strong catalyst for entrenching obedience, but it’s a lousy motivator for fresh thinking. An idea can’t be bossed into existence. It has to be coaxed into the light. It’s an enigma but many great ideas happen when you are not trying too hard. This explains why so many eureka moments happen in the bath or while you’re watching your daughter’s school play.

Very few ideas are born perfectly formed and ready to go. So people are scared to float or accept an idea that’s not shrink -wrapped in its completeness. It’s critical therefore, that, as ideas take their first steps in the real world, they’re made to feel welcome. Most of the world’s greatest ideas were very fragile thoughts. And nothing amputates thinking more completely than early ridicule.

Often the seed of an idea sounds silly, but that’s where the originality lies. It just needs time and discussion for it to evolve.

If you allow ideas to germinate a little, you also stand a good chance of them developing their own kinetic energy. There is, literally, a surge of energy. Suddenly, everyone has an idea or a piece of one.

It is intoxicating to be in the middle of all this idea adrenalin. The trick is not to be scared of it.

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