From 1st January 2013 a new system of incentives came into force for micro wind turbines that replaces the previous legislation, that is Law No. 244 24/12/2007 Art.2 Comm.145 which offered €0.30 cents per kWh generated.

Now, the new draft law, DL July 6, 2012, an all-inclusive tariff for green energy from micro wind turbines has been reduced to €0.291 cents per kWh generated for systems up to 20kWh installed, or €268 per MWh for systems up to 200kW, with the small advantage for systems up to 60kW of an exemption to register.

The same decree established a limit of 60MW per year for the period 2013-2015 for onshore wind turbines up to 5MW of rated power.

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