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Fig.1 – The golden section or Divine section is the process of dividing a segment so that the ratio between the smaller section (l: C-B), and the bigger section (x: A-C), is equal to the one between the bigger section (x: A-C) and the total section (A-B).

x/l = AB/x

Fig.2 – The golden rectangle is a rectangle whose side lengths are based on the golden ratio. This means that the ratio between the longer side (a) and the shorter side (b) is equal to the one between the shorter side (b) and the segment obtained by subtracting the latter from the longer side (a)

Which entails that both ratios are φ ≅ 1,618.

ENESSERE Hercules Wind Turbine complies with this golden ratio.

Fig.3 –  Total height represents (a). The tower, from the ground up to the wings, represents (b). Wings represent (c).

The design on the Hercules Wind Turbine has been conceived to maximize its aerodynamic and energetic performances in the area swept by the rotor, all the while considering its appearance – thanks to materials such as stainless steel, North American cedar blades, carbon fiber spokes and its structure ENESSERE Hercules Wind Turbine becomes a truly unique and prestigious Wind Turbine.

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