Thursday the 6th of April was a red letter day for ENESSERE: that’s when the ENESSERE Hercules Wind Turbine installation in the Vannucci Nursery Park has been officially presented to the press. A study, research and formation centre located on the grounds of the biggest plant nursery in Europe, an institution that decided to invest on renewables for its own energy needs. It was a chance to meet and talk for Vannino Vannucci, the boss of the company from Pistoia, and Alberto Tessaro, Enessere CEO. It’s a synergy born almost by chance at the latest Ifla (International Federation of Landscape Architects) meeting that still continues to this day. A meeting of two companies that share the desire to pursue environmental sustainability – not only without giving up on aesthetics but by making it a distinctive element. Vannucci nursery is on the lookout for strategic connections with contiguous sectors, with a marked attention to design and quality. That’s the starting point for this cooperation and the decision to embark on a journey that will surely be long lasting. ENESSERE Hercules Wind Turbine thus becomes an iconic object but at the same time a concrete expression of sustainability.

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