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It’s almost as if the idea comes from the mind of a visionary writer, or from a drawing by Hayao Miyazaki, the legendary Japanese artist and anime director: to place six wind turbines 70 meters from the ground on top of two chimneys of a 19th century Moscow power plant, which is the object of this ambitious redevelopment effort. But that’s exactly what was asked of the ENESSERE team in Brendola from the Renzo Piano Paris Studio: to evaluate several different technical solutions to do so. This restoration intends to satisfy the demand of the Russian who owns the building: to create his own private art foundation right there. The building must become an innovation, progress and sustainability symbol, for which ENESSERE Hercules Wind Turbines are fundamental: They need to show onlookers that the building can “capture” clean air from the Moscow sky and redirect it along the chimneys, for the benefit of the population. This symbolically reverses its original function – that is emitting dense polluting smoke, the legacy of a past that the former Soviet Union is leaving behind. A clear and evocative sign, a symbol of modernity: ENESSERE‘s vertical axis wind turbines are at the core of this. The project has been developed in cooperation with Renzo Piano Studio and has entered an international competition for which ENESSERE has adopted an ambitious tailor-made solution: six turbines placed on top of one another that will independently rotate on top of each chimney. This brings a literal breath of fresh air to the city of Moscow, and that’s all because of wind energy.

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