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Innovation, new technologies, sustainable mobility, energetic efficiency, respect for the environment. ENESSERE wind turbines fit perfectly in a modern Smart City. Clean energy from the wind, to fuel the city today and tomorrow and to also improve the quality of life of those who live in it.


Minimal design, essential shape, energy sustainability. Our wind turbine enhances the most refined locations and indicates a specific design choice. It’s almost a silent declaration of intent, not just a wind turbine


ENESSERE wind turbines are always an added value to any architectural context. They don’t just produce clean energy from the wind, they also enhance and value any urban landscape, becoming an irreplaceable and fundamental identifying element.


“When the wind blows, some build walls, other build windmills”. At ENESSERE we decided to focus on the blue sky, to capture the energy of the wind and give it back as an endless clean source for the needs of a development that’s really in tune with nature and the environment.


ENESSERE Pegasus Wind Turbine, our totally carbon-made mini Wind Turbine. 100% Made in Italy design that fits right into any architectural context thanks to its almost limitless range of chromatic adjustments. Different liveries each time in order to fit into any design needs.


The wind blowing from the sea powers the infinite rotation of our wind turbines. The perception of the location it’s placed in changes by choosing the most appropriate color, bringing in clean and limitless energy.


Some have defined our wind turbines as “wind sculptures”; our ENESSERE wind turbines certainly are so, thanks to an exclusive design that finds the right balance and harmony in the golden ratio, also known as Phidias constant, which regulates its proportions. Beauty in movement.  Energy from the wind.


Cutting-edge structures and new exhibition paradigms. These are the museums of the future, where our wind turbines become a strongly distinctive element, a definite stylistic and design choice. To respect the environment and better integrate by producing 100% renewable energy.


Emancipating modern architecture from anonymity. This is one of the added values of our wind turbines. They fuel both civilian and industrial locations thanks to wind energy and give a new, “green” look to any building, simultaneously made of both form and substance.  Beauty in service of clean energy production.


New mobility goes towards sustainability. Installing an ENESSERE wind turbine offers the chance to use clean wind energy to support services and enhance any architectural context, including a train or metro station. It’s a constant, visible and tangible statement of a clear choice, the real desire to reduce any footprint to its minimum and rekindle a harmonious … Read more


Our wind turbines, when installed in a rural context, give the impression of a clear choice right away, an efficient and functional research towards communality with the environment, an intention to reduce our ecological footprint and live harmoniously with nature.

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