Tom Randall states in a recent article for Bloomberg, in the sustainability news section that, “Wind is a boring industry. We build towers, the wind blows, we harvest the energy. Unlike the rock-em sock-em world of oil drilling, where billion-dollar rigs can go down in flames and ice-breakers are deployed to find new supplies, wind power comes with few surprises. In energy production, that’s a good thing”.

Mr Randall claims that, “Wind has become so predictable and commonplace that it’s hard to imagine where all the U.S. turbines could be hiding – currently enough to power more than 12 million homes.” Fortunately, we don’t have to imagine anymore.

To view America’s mountains and farmlands, cities and towns in all their renewable wind-powered glory simply click:

Not boring! ENESSERE clean energy company totally agrees.

Wind generators can be beautiful and innovative!

ENESSERE Hercules wind generator can embellish any residential environment where it is installed and is capable of generating annually over 3500kWh of energy with an average wind speed of 6m/s.

It is not boring, you can challenge and you can harness its power to produce clean and renewable energy.

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