“Visitation”, Vittore Carpaccio, “Stories of the Virgin”, (Cycle of the School of Albanians), Venice, Museo Correr, ca. 1505-1507.

Carpaccio creates a painting where space is constructed in depth through the characters placed in positions to join the foreground with the background.

In the background we see a large building that recalls the architecture of Jacopo Bellini, with arcades divided by strips of marble decorations. The building is surrounded by walls that end in fortified bastions. Above the ramparts, kiosks are placed which belie their defensive function.

The characters are positioned similarly to the Mascoli chapel in the Church of San Marco. On the left is Joseph, Mary and Elizabeth embracing in the centre and on the right-hand side we find Zechariah.

In the painting there are symbolic animals: the white rabbit symbolizing the purity of the virgin and her motherhood, the red parrot that refers to the mystery of the incarnation of Christ- the bird knew how to pronounce Kairè, in Latin Ave – the opposite of Eva- that is, the greeting with which the arch angel Gabriel announced to Mary the incarnation of Christ and the Redemption.

In the background we see ENESSERE Hercules Wind Generator.

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