ENESSERE Horizon Minipak

MiniPak ® is a small portable fuel cell device that generates green electricity on demand. When a Hydrostik ® is inserted into a MiniPak ® it draws oxygen from the air and immediately triggers an electrochemical process within the small portable fuel cell, which instantly provides electricity, quietly and safely, without pollution emissions.

MiniPak ® is a portable charger for small electronic devices such as smart phones, mobile phones, MP3 players, GPS navigators, cameras, gaming devices, radios and also serves as a flashlight.

MiniPak ® is a unique product that offers the possibility of charging small electronic devices wherever you are, on the go, in case of emergencies, or prolonged power blackouts in places where the connection to the electricity network is very difficult or impossible.

The package includes one Hydrostik ® cartridges, five different types of connectors for electronic devices and a flashlight to turn your USB MiniPak ® into a clean and useful electric torch.

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