In the near future, hydrogen could become an energy solution for our homes, as it is now in the military and scientific fields.

At ENESSERE we offer complete energy independence solutions based on the element par excellence, hydrogen.

Our electrolysers ENESSERE Andromeda Hydrogen Generator, combined with our hydrogen powered generators, the ENESSERE Orion Hydrogen Power Generator, can offer full and complete energy independence through self-production and the consumption of hydrogen.

The entire system is powered by clean energy from inexhaustible sources such as the wind, thanks to our ENESSERE Hercules Wind Generator and the sun, thanks to the more traditional photovoltaic panels.

Every family can self-produce and accumulate hydrogen in a safe and clean manner in their home: when the household does not consume its green electricity produced in-house, it can be used to produce hydrogen, thanks to our ENESSERE Andromeda Hydrogen Generator, and then safely stored in metal hydride tanks, our ENESSERE Hydra Cartridges. Subsequently, whenever it is needed, the auto produced hydrogen can be fed through fuel cells via our series of ENESSERE Orion Hydrogen Power Generators to produce electricity.

Furthermore in the near future we will be able to refuel our hydrogen powered car or bicycle in our own backyards.

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