Observation inspired by “Art of the Idea” of John Hunt: “I Google therefore I am Not”

Information, once a highly prized resource, has, in many instances, now become a commodity. The unintended consequence of this ease of access has been the creation of the data junkie. Information is nothing more than the raw stuff that might lead you to something new. Having lots of it doesn’t make you any cleverer. You can segment it, dimension it, or colour code it if the mood takes you. But until it’s seeded with an idea that leads to action, it’s just a lump of words and figures.

This is a worldwide problem of massive proportions because we have chosen to confuse volume with substance. We have become slaves to information, yet what we really need I insight. Insight is the high fibre we get from information and 90 percent of the time, the immediate precursor to an idea. Billions of words have been written on the inaccessibility of fresh water in many developing countries. Yet, it needed the insight that, because of the vast distances needed to travel to collect water, and this had often become the children’s chore. This, in turn, lead to the idea that a merry-go-round can sometimes be the answer. Simply reconvert the tie and the energy of these children in to fun. Now, in a number of villages all over the world, the spinning of a playground favourite, ideally next to a school, acts a pump mechanism for transporting water many miles away.

Insight appears when you are looking for meaning rather than facts.

This is the intuition that the team has had in creating Enessere Hercules Wind Generator. A technological sculpture built with elegant materials by experienced craftsmen to be easily integrated in the prestigious contexts, such as Villas, Golf Clubs, Yacht Marinas, Resort de Charme and Boutique Hotels.

WE do ourselves a disservice by believing we know more because we know more “stuff”. Information can camouflage as much as it can illuminate. Likewise, organising data is not an end in itself. Just as numbering a set of pages doesn’t add to their content.

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