Casa Cubo designed by Isay Weinfeld in Sao Paulo, Brazil, is a private residence that competes with the best contemporary art galleries in the city and the world.

The home owners are contemporary art collectors with the belief that art should be shared. Casa Cubo is both a home and a support center for artists.

The architect Isay Weinfeld designed the house, where each room is impeccable. For example, the dynamic facade changes according to whether the wooden windows of the rooms are open or closed. The building is predominantly clad in cement slabs. The upper section of the cube, however, is entirely in wood.

Each element of the structure of the house is thoroughly pondered, and nothing is left to chance. One of the two staircases is suspended from above, seemingly floating just above the floor. It is completely covered in strips of wood that follow its sinuous shape.

It is clear that each element of Casa Cubo according to the conception of the architect and the owners must be “art”, even a simple spiral staircase that connects two levels, must be part of all the art objects inside the house.

The ENESSERE team are of the same idea, the ENESSERE Hercules Wind Generator was not only thought from a functional aspect, but also its overall appearance, creating a designer object, beautiful to the eye, but built with quality materials, wood and titanium encompassing cutting-edge technology.

In such a way, also an aerogenerator can proudly display all its beauty outdoors.

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