Energy Cycle Applications Matrix

ENESSERE provides integrated solutions to achieve complete energy independence through a mix of clean energy sources. In this matrix we have outlined various possible solutions, expressing both the level of complexity of the system and the level of energy efficiency. (click the image)

ENESSERE Hercules Wind Generator Installation

ENESSERE Hercules Wind Generator is a vertical axis wind turbine that converts kinetic wind power into clean electricity. Materials utilized are Titanium, wood, carbon fiber and marine grade stainless steel: a design that is the combined result of wind engineers and created with the skillful hands of expert craftsmen. ENESSERE Hercules Wind Generator has a … Read more

Trust your instincts, or they will go away

Observation inspired by “Art of the Idea” of John Hunt: “Trust your instincts, or they will go away” In an age where everyone seeks certainty, reference power, measurement and research, instinct sounds a concept that belongs to a bygone era. It’s too difficult to define. Too primordial. Besides, universities don’t run courses for it. Fewer and … Read more

Beauty furnishes our life

During the opening ceremony of the General States of Culture, held in Rome in early November, the writer Vincenzo Cerami described in a poetic and profound way the enormity of the cultural heritage that Italy has accumulated over the centuries, a legacy that must not be lost nor betrayed, but it should act as a … Read more

I Google therefore I am Not

Observation inspired by “Art of the Idea” of John Hunt: “I Google therefore I am Not” Information, once a highly prized resource, has, in many instances, now become a commodity. The unintended consequence of this ease of access has been the creation of the data junkie. Information is nothing more than the raw stuff that might … Read more

ENESSERE winner of Energitismo’s “Elegant Sustainable Solutions” 2012 prize

On the 26th October 2012 at the “Sustainable Elegant Solutions” event at the Fiera di Vicenza, ENESSERE will be honoured with the prize for interpreting the spirit of Movimento Energitismo. We are pleased to publish below the manifesto of the movement. Manifesto of Energytism Why must an energy technology be without a face, identity and … Read more

ENESSERE on Financial Times

We are pleased to post an article published in Mergermarket of Finantial Times Group on 24 September  2012 about ENESSERE. Autoelettric seeks EUR 5m for Enessere division, general manager says “Autoelettric, the private Italian automotive relay maker, seeks to raise up to EUR 5m to accelerate the growth of its Enessere energy division, general manager … Read more

ECarTec 2012 – Bayern Munich DE – Hall. B1 n.661

Autoelettric and its clean energy division ENESSERE will be present at the next international trade fair eCarTec in Munich, Germany from 23rd to 25th October 2012, in Hall B1 661. eCarTec 2012 is the largest international trade fair for electric mobility that allows all visitors a current and comprehensive vision of the market of the … Read more

Logic is kryptonite

Observation inspired by “Art of the Idea” of John Hunt: “Logic is kryptonite” In the beginning using logic we believed that a very smooth surfaced wing would yield a higher performance, but in reality as we discovered, by constructing the wings in wood and having a grainy surface, this actually increased its performance In my mind … Read more

The Future: Crafstmanship

There is widespread discussion of the economic future of our country where solutions and proposals are sometimes in conflict: there are those who want a tourism-oriented country, those who want a country based on the food industry to take advantage of our tradition and those who yearn for a strong manufacturing country just like Germany. … Read more

We are all equal before the idea

For our “crazy” idea to build wooden wings, At Enessere we have a diverse and eclectic mix of engineers, designers, metal experts, sales professionals. Everyone is encouraged to share their ideas however small, simple, impossible or unusual that they may sound. Observation inspired by “Art of the Idea” of John Hunt: “We are all equal … Read more

“The vision of St. Augustine” by Vittore Carpaccio

In “The vision of St. Augustine” (1502) by Vittore Carpaccio lying between open books left on the floor, a desk littered with scissors, bells, inkstands and shells, musical scores, a shelf with vases and bronzes, the armillary sphere, a revolving bookstand, astrolabes, sacred instruments such as the miter, the thurible and the pastoral staff leaning … Read more

Ideas have moods

Right from the start the Enessere team harboured the idea of a wind generator that did not fit the usual conventions and schemes. They collectively envisaged how an urban wind generator should be. The idea further developed into thinking how it could integrate in a harmonious way in all environments: thanks to the creative contribution … Read more

The ideal home

We strongly believe in energy independence, we believe that the contribution of public support for green technologies is essential to support the desired initial Green Revolution, but it cannot be a driver for our business development in the medium to long term. ENESSERE offers integrated solutions to achieve total energy independence in buildings, using clean … Read more

The name of Hercules Wind Generator

The stars are pure energy and constellations give them a meaning, bestowing them with a configuration that man always used to interpret events and to orient themselves. ENESSERE with its constellations wishes to give a direction, an orientation for those who navigate the sea of new green technologies. The names of ENESSERE products are inspired … Read more

Lemmings have Plans too

Observation inspired by “Art of the Idea” of John Hunt. Hercules ENESSERE Wind Generator has been developed and made by the team ENESSERE breaking the usual patterns in the existing market of microeolico, choosing both unconventional materials and unconventional engineering solutions that make our wind generator unique in the small wind sector. This leads us … Read more

You get “Sunrise” people or “Sunset” people

Observation inspired by “Art of the Idea” of John Hunt. “Right from the start, in ENESSERE, Federico and I have tried to work primarily with people who share our enthusiasm and bring new ideas rather than negative people who always point out the difficulties and risks first of all. We like that in our team, … Read more